We currently offer service in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. We will soon be expanding to NY and NJ areas.
We are growing and expanding our coverage all the time so let us know if you would like to see
Brilliant Move in your area.


Who We Are

Brilliant Move uses the power of technology to build connections,
grow the partnership brands and fuel growth.

We do this by providing an on-demand, transparent technology solution; mobilizing & empowering a network of brilliant entrepreneurs to achieve more within their local communities.

What we value: innovation, transparency, inclusion & social responsibility.

Jean Brilliant

For over 20 years Jean has worked in the logistics and tech sectors, navigating his
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Suki Sohn

Over 20 years experience in business strategy & operations. Track record in launching and
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Justin DuMouchelle

Justin is the CIO of Bainco International Investors. For 10+ years Justin has analyzed,
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Rob Pacheco

Accomplished Chief Architect/Engineering Leader, experience in leading and
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Bill Neidlinger

Digital Marketing Consultant and Award-winning Director & Producer with extensive
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We firmly believe in the power of collaboration and the success that comes with healthy partnerships. Valuable and collaborative partnerships are embedded in the DNA of Brilliant Move. We are proud of the strong and long-lasting relationships that we have with all our partners, and we welcome those who are new with honor and excitement.

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