We are Brilliant Move

An experienced team of entrepreneurs obsessed with solving the last-mile delivery experience for the consumer, retailers, delivery professionals, and third-party logistics companies. We look to digitally transform this process and the industry with our innovative on-demand app-based solution and enterprise platform.

Within our organization and the communities we live and serve, we value innovation, transparency, inclusion, and social responsibility.

Jean Brillant

For over 20 years Jean has worked in the logistics and tech sectors, navigating his
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Janet Rodriguez

With over 20 years' experience working with multi-national retailers in the US and Spain
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William Neidlinger

An award-winning creative content marketer with extensive experience working with
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Audrey Felli

An experienced C-level sales and merchandising executive focused on impacting
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Justin DuMouchelle

Justin is the CIO of Bainco International Investors. For 10+ years Justin has
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Nicholas Mitsakos

Nicholas is an investor and entrepreneur with 30+ years of investment and operational
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Strength in Partnerships

We firmly believe in the power of collaboration and the success that comes with healthy partnerships. Valuable and collaborative partnerships are embedded in the DNA of Brilliant Move. We are proud of the strong and long-lasting relationships that we have with all our partners, and we welcome those who are new with honor and excitement.

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