Big & Bulky,
Brilliantly Delivered

BrilliantMove = Software + Delivery Services
For furniture & home goods retailers

Software that allows shoppers to arrange for near-term delivery at the time of sale.

Delivery services to pick up from store or warehouse and deliver to the shopper’s location.

Redefining Delivery for Today's Shopper

Instant gratification rules the day

Very short delivery times have dramatically changed shoppers’ expectations for all goods. Shoppers want what they want, and they want it now

A prompt and hassle free experience

Shoppers purchasing big and bulky items, such as furniture and larger home goods, don’t want to jump through hoops to get their order delivered

Tailored scheduling, unmatched speed

Shoppers want to arrange for delivery at time of sale, want delivery at their convenience, and want to receive their goods in 1 or 2 days

We offer to meet your customers’ needs for a hassle-free purchase & delivery experience


Allow for scheduling of delivery at time of purchase

Pickup from the store or warehouse

White glove delivery by a network of professional delivery teams

Join an exclusive network of collaborative delivery teams, and receive premier benefits

Grow your business

Software to schedule all of your deliveries in one App. Manage your deliveries, set your schedule, and grow your business on your terms

Make more money

Network participants are provided significantly higher compensation per trip because BrilliantMove retains a smaller share of the delivery charge than 3PLs

Other benefits

Solutions designed to empower you as an entrepreneur, ensuring you have the right tools to grow your business effectively and efficiently

Ready to become part of the delivery revolution?