About Us

Our Mission

BrilliantMove is dedicated to revolutionizing furniture and home goods delivery for retailers. We merge innovative software with top-tier delivery services to meet and exceed shoppers’ expectations, enhancing both satisfaction and business growth.

What we do

We are taking the "Gig" out of Big & Bulky home delivery

BrilliantMove leverages technology to enhance connections and partnerships, driving growth with a customer-focused approach. We champion innovation, transparency, inclusion, and social responsibility, empowering entrepreneurs to thrive in their communities.


Transforming Logistics for the Modern Era

BrilliantMove’s journey began in 2018 with a single customer, marking the inception of our vision for revolutionizing logistics. Originally established as a third-party logistics provider (3PL), we quickly evolved by innovating new services and software solutions. Our breakthrough came with the creation of a pioneering network of collaborative professional delivery teams, setting a new standard for in-home white glove service for ‘Big and Bulky’ items.

At BrilliantMove, we pride ourselves on being trailblazers in the industry. We were the first to offer retailers the opportunity to seamlessly integrate our delivery services at the point of sale, empowering customers with convenient delivery options from the comfort of their homes. Moreover, we shattered traditional barriers by enabling direct delivery from showrooms or outlets to customers’ doorsteps, a service previously unavailable.

Driven by our passion for innovation and commitment to customer satisfaction, we continue to redefine the logistics landscape, one brilliant delivery at a time.

Meet the Team

Jean Brillant

Founder & CEO

Jean has overarching leadership responsibilities within the company, directly overseeing sales to retailers, customer implementation, and support, while holding financial accountability. With over 20 years of experience in technology and logistics, Jean has been the driving force behind identifying and addressing the need for advanced technological solutions in this fragmented and outdated market.

Rob Pacheco

VP of Engineering

Rob is responsible for architecting and engineering the company’s products and managing the technical development team. An accomplished Chief Architect and Engineering Leader, he has extensive experience in building engineering teams and developing various software products. Notably, Rob was the Chief Architect at Black Duck, a data security system that Synopsis acquired for $565 million.

Audrey Felli

Operations Advisor

Audrey brings her extensive retail experience to bolster the company’s marketing and sales functions. Her responsibilities include negotiating and closing deals, and managing client accounts. As a seasoned C-level sales and merchandising executive, she excels in driving business development and operational excellence, with a proven track record of launching and scaling sales-driven companies in dynamic environments.

Bryan Mason


Bryan is tasked with managing sales and partnerships with POS vendors, overseeing the planning and development of the company’s software products, and coordinating the integration of the BIDCS product with various POS systems. Additionally, he ensures the quality assurance of software. A thrice-former CIO, Bryan brings over 30 years of experience and expertise in requirements development, database design and development, programming, testing, deployment, pricing strategy, and finance.

Chris Calabrese

UX Design Strategy Advisor

Chris brings a wealth of expertise in UX design and strategy, where he plays a pivotal role in shaping the user experience across marketing and product development. His approach combines deep technical knowledge with a keen eye for design, making him instrumental in driving BrilliantMove’s commitment to innovation, user-centered design, and customer satisfaction.

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