We currently offer service in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. We will soon be expanding to NY and NJ areas.
We are growing and expanding our coverage all the time so let us know if you would like to see
Brilliant Move in your area.











Simple Booking

Not everything in life is simple, we believe home delivery should be.


On demand Service

Why wait? Our on-demand booking platform allows you to get delivery on your schedule
not theirs.


Fast and efficient

Life’s too short to waste time with research and waiting! What you want delivered, where to pick it up, where and when to deliver; track your delivery real time. 




Brilliant Move is an on-demand network of the best white glove delivery service providers in the United States which can be leveraged by retailers and consumers for a premium delivery experience of high value goods.

Brilliant Move only provides white glove delivery service; items are always taken inside your home to your room of choice. All debris associated with the delivery is removed from the residence. When necessary, the Delivery team will wear clean gloves and foot covers while in the customer’s home.

Payment is done within the app using a credit or debit card.

Tipping is optional and is at customer’s discretion.

We do not have a license nor insurance coverage for ride sharing; therefore, you cannot ride in the same vehicle as the service providers.

If your property requires a certificate of insurance prior to a delivery being made, please send your inquiry to with at least 2 business days advance notice. To expedite the process, please provide a template from your property management company to include the additional insured to be listed, their information and an email address to send the certificate of insurance to.

Our professional service providers ONLY utilize a cargo van or box truck to make all deliveries.

Pickup of items must originate within a service area; the destination however can be outside of the service area. The delivery fee will be calculated for you within the app. Fee will be based on mileage from place of origin to final destination up to a maximum of 40 miles.

You are not required to be present at the pickup location. If there are issues finding your order you will be contacted for further instructions.

An authorized individual of 18 years or older must be present during the scheduled delivery window to accept and inspect the item(s) and sign the delivery receipt.

Orders can be cancelled up to 4 hours prior to the scheduled delivery window. 

The delivery fee is based on item(s), distance, time of delivery, as well as the lay of the land per item(s) going from point of origin to destination within a 20-40 mile radius. Complete all fields within the app to obtain exact price for your delivery.

Additional fees may include assembly, stair carry, oversized items, extremely heavy or fragile items, extra manpower; deliveries occurring  between 9:00am – 11:00am and 5:00pm – 8:00pm.

Same day delivery is available within a 20-mile radius from store to destination, provided order is placed before 4pm.

Our delivery professionals are not permitted to move furniture currently in your home, remove doors or windows. They are also not allowed to move or set up electrical equipment.  Before our delivery team arrives, please prepare your home:

  •        Clear a path, moving any furniture or artwork that’s in the way
  •         Secure low-hanging light fixtures
  •         Set rugs in place
  •         Confine pets to another room

We ask that you closely inspect your item(s) before our delivery professionals leave your home.

It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure the item(s) will fit through any access points such as doorways, stairways, hallways, elevators and around corners into the desired location.  To ensure a successful delivery:

  •          Confirm all product dimensions, including width, length, height and diagonal measurements
  •          Check the width, depth and height of the item and make sure it will fit in the space you’ve chosen.
  •          Measure your doorways, stairways and passages that the item will pass through (including elevators, entry clearances & corners)

If the item does not fit, there is a return fee equivalent to the original price of delivery.

The Delivery Provider will conduct a rigorous inspection prior to accepting stewardship of the item(s). If any imperfections are noticed during inspection, the Provider will contact the customer prior to the item(s) being loaded onto the vehicle. The crew takes all necessary precautions to protect the item(s) during transit by properly padding and securing the item(s).  If item is damaged during delivery, customer should report it within 48 hours by sending an email, with pictures, to

We can return the item to the point of origin for a fee that is equivalent to the original price of delivery.

Assembly is provided for an additional fee. If the item(s) requires assembly,  select assembly in the app.

Customer receives real-time text notifications including arrival at store, loading, on-the-way, real-time vehicle tracking and arrival.  The Provider will wait 15 minutes at the customer’s home.  If the Provider cannot complete the delivery, the item will be returned to the store.  Customer will be responsible for the full cost of the delivery attempt.  If customer would like to have item(s) re-delivered, s/he will need to enter a new order.