Integration Partners

Your retailer’s delivery
demands are evolving

Shoppers expect flexible and immediate delivery options at the moment of purchase, but traditional POS & 3PL systems can’t keep up.

The Retailer’s Challenge

Meeting this need without gut wrenching software, process and, staffing changes.

The Limitations of Legacy Systems

Current POS infrastructure typically lacks the necessary features to support in-advance delivery scheduling, leaving retailers unable to fulfill customer expectations at the checkout.

Necessity for Multi-Location Coordination

Merchandise needs to move from various points — stores, warehouses — and many POS systems do not support such logistical complexities

Our Solution: Brilliant Inline™

Transform your POS into a delivery scheduling powerhouse, effortlessly integrated and customer-focused. Discover the benefits:

New revenue streams

Charge for new features to existing and future customers

Exclusive customers

Keep your customers from switching by meeting their growing needs

Create new market opportunities

Acquire new customers by providing our unique capabilities

Ready to become part of the delivery revolution?